Writing To Better Health

Writing To Better Health

Jul 13 , 2023

Kishan Mehta

Write Freely

Learning to write about your feelings or experiences in the moment, is the first step in easing any internal struggles and conflicts and opening up new opportunities for growth. Give yourself the permission to write without worry. Here are our top three tips to start you on your journey.

Write When you are ready, begin to write without lifting your pen from the paper for at least 10 minutes. Just write without thinking too much about what you want to say and try not to worry about grammar, spelling and choice of words. Keep writing about whatever thoughts or feelings come into your head without fear and without judgement. 

Read Once you have finished writing, take your time to read aloud what you have written without judgement, be kind to yourself. By reading it aloud, it allows you to hear your voice and the sound of your words, phrases and sentences.