Planning for the new year : The best tools at the best price

Planning for the new year : The best tools at the best price

Jul 13 , 2023

Kishan Mehta

Every year marks a new chapter in life. It’s a time to reflect and a chance to explore positive changes, be it productivity, setting new goals, or just a fresh start to work towards something you didn’t accomplish the previous year. 

More often than not, there’s a good chance you hardly follow through on your goals. The meaning of these new year resolutions is lost as soon as they are uttered. Sound familiar? Here’s a word of advice to make the most out of your goals for this year – planning is essential and commitment is all about having the right tools. 

At Collins, you’re not short of options to get your year on track. Plus, our new year sale is here! It’s just the right time to get the tools you need at the best prices. 

Don’t feel pressured by the choices! We’re lending a hand by picking out some of our favourites we think would be the ideal companion for your year-long journey. Scroll on down to shop our picks!

Legacy Collection 2022

There’s always room for a classic in your bag of tools. The legacy collection is no exception, available in PU covers that are soft to the touch and a selection of colours to choose from. Take your pick from the mid-year and calendar year diaries which come in exclusive colours for each range.

The highlight of the mid-year diary is its two-tone colour scheme with a delightful contrast between the cover and the elastic closure. But if you’re a total classic, the all-black option is one you’d want to get your hands on.

The calendar year diary, on the other hand, offers an expanded range of colours all finished in stunning monochrome fashion.

If a simple, classic go-to diary is all you need, the legacy collection is a must-have. 

Shop the Legacy Collection here

Tara Collection

A creative soul deserves a vibrant daily companion that constantly inspires. With the Tara collection, you’ll find every chance to admire its intricate floral design on the cover and the excitement to use it. You’re not sparing quality for a beautiful diary either, with the collection’s luxurious Japanese premium paper as well as wear & tear resistant cover that comes in 4 different colours.

The Tara collection is available in the mid-year diary range along with the calendar year range to suit your personal needs.

And if that’s not sufficient, the Tara collection also includes a wall calendar and desk calendar in a vibrant mint colourway for you to integrate and sync your plans from home and the office, in addition to your handy on-the-go diary.

Shop the Tara Collection here

Gaia Collection 2022

The Gaia collection, aims to reconnect your senses to nature and creativity with its specially-crafted fabric covers. A diary is often personal and reflects the owner in some way or another. And this is a collection you’d want, to seek comfort and serenity in daily planning. 

The three colour options, blue, pink, and green, allows you to further personalize according to your style. The availability of a pen loop gives you the chance to keep just about all your tools in the same place and be ready to use it whenever you feel in tuned with your surroundings.

It’s not a choice for many, but certainly demands a spot in our list of favourites for its unparalleled elegance.

Shop the Gaia Collection here


You won’t go wrong with any of our favourites. Furthermore, with saving up to 50% off, it’s a bargain you can’t miss. Get started on your goals today and don’t be fazed by challenges ahead. While we all love the thrill of the uncertainty and spontaneous moments, there’s no greater joy in having some form of control in your life’s trajectory. 

Make that change first by planning your year and the rest will fall into place.

You’ll be sticking to your goals in no time!