Spring Cleaning - Out with the old in with the new

Spring Cleaning - Out with the old in with the new

Jul 13 , 2023

Kishan Mehta

The dark nights and rainy days are finally going away, giving way to lighter nights and warmer weather. Finally, spring has sprung, and we are looking forward to a fresh start.

Oftentimes, spring cleaning can seem to be a big hassle, but you're mistaken! With Collins spring cleaning hacks, you'll have all the help you need without the stress or hassle.

TIP #1 ◦ The Konmari Method

Marie Kondo, Japanese organising consultant, has created this method to help make your life that little bit easier. In Marie’s book she has stated that when decluttering, we should lay all belongings on the floor. This is because, for example with desk drawers, you can see everything clearly or see items you haven’t seen in a while due to the fact they are hidden or blocked by other items. Once the above has been done, it’s now the case of choosing what you are keeping and what needs to go. It’s always a good shout if you have anything that is new, and you don’t need to donate to local charities who may make use of the products. Organisers can be useful when it comes to sorting out a list of what needs to be added to your stationery drawer once decluttering the mess from last year. We sell an extensive range of stationery organisers and planners to help you plan out your spring stationery clean and begin your summer planning.

TIP #2 – Sort your supplies by category

Gathering all your supplies by category can really help make your life 10 times easier. By grouping all the items, you want together in the one place can save you so much time. For example, when you’re looking for that one specific pen that you threw in your drawer and never saw again. Lists of the stationery you already own are helpful because they show you exactly what you need to purchase to replenish your stationery drawer. When it comes to making lists our Notebooks are perfect, we have an extensive range with different formats and stylish colours to make organising that bit more interesting. Have a look Here at our full Notebook collection – we also have 20% off all Notebooks for the full month of April so don’t waste any more time and order yours now!

TIP #3 – Organise by Usage Frequency

Organising is key for anything in life, but when it comes to Spring Cleaning, organising is the secret to all your problems. When doing a spring clean you probably will come across items you’ve not seen since the day you bought them? True? This is because when it comes to stationery products, sometimes they are chucked in the drawer never to be seen again. Organising by usage frequency is going to solve all your problems 😊 well at least some of them. When putting all your stationery items back in the drawer, try putting all the items you use the most at the front, for example when it comes to seasonal stationery, they can go at the back until we head into that time of year. This can really help your time management in terms of spending hours looking for one product when it could be hidden under a mass of other products.

Organising is all about letting you enjoy all the little moments of every day without worrying about planning, so look here and choose your brand-new diary and let Collins handle the planning for you.